Thursday, 27 November 2014

Twin Alice Photoshoot |♢Pandora Hearts♢ Series |

Hi everyone~ 

Held in October, me and my friend went out for an outdoor photo session for "Pandora Hearts" series ! Yay !

I cosplay Alice, my most favourite heroine~ ♡♡
Hasna cosplay as Alice too, but her character is white so people called her character "White Alice" ^^

They are actually twins (PH reader here would know :D )

So then with our kameko, Alvin-san (check out his fanpage on fb ! Lots of cool cosplay photo~ search for Vermillion Light Photoworks), we took a bunch of photos.

The place is actually an old building, which is suit well for the series~
 i have been there for several photo shoot because i like the scenery, but there is a technical difficulty this time so we cant stay for too long...

Anyway, some of the photos have been released, so here you go ♡

As Alice
Photo by Vermillion Light Photoworks
The scythe is handmade, although its not that good i'm proud of it xD 

Here is me with my partner, Hasna-chan as White Alice ♡

Photo by Vermillion Light Photoworks

Please see more of my cosplay in !
(Special thanks to Alvin-san and Hasna-chan for joined me in this photo shoot~☆)

See you next time in another post~!

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