Thursday, 19 March 2015

Reason I Love Pandora Hearts

Good evening everyone !

I just want to share my thought that i have one night when i was listening to Yuki Kajiura soundtack... why i love "Pandora Hearts" so much ?

Well if you are curioous, scroll along !

I am not a big fan of anime, and i prefer to read manga since i know all these otaku stuff~
Even though i read manga, when my friend introduced me to Pandora Hearts manga, i didn't interested in it, well because at that time i prefer shoujo (or girl) manga and i felt that PH manga is all about talking ^^;

Time flies, all my friend like PH already so then i'm curious "why they liked it so much ? is it that good ?". And then one of my friend showed me PH anime and i felt some strange the one when you just fell in love with somebody...well in short time i liked it ! Then i began to read the manga too.

At that time me and my friend going crazy about PH, the manga is already in volume 4 and we ran out of volume 1,2,3. :"T

There is something interesting about Pandora Hearts, it have deep,dark stories yet Jun sensei artwork is beautiful...the scenery, the building, and the character itself. They are so cute and gorgeous~

I love Alice instantly. Her character is so bold and strong, something i've never seen before...her personality,appearance, i just love them...and thats why i decided to cosplay.

Alice is my reason for me to join cosplay. I put her first in my cosplay project, but considering many things, my debut is miku. I was nervous because i didn't want to portrait my favorite character in a bad way. But well, nobody is perfect since the beginning right ?

Ah, but i also like other characters as well ! Like for examples, that seaweed head *grin*.
Each of the characters in the story is unique, they have very well thought background and so their part to the story is as important as the main character ! Well some not too detailed, but you can count that with your hands.

Dont forget all those twist Jun sensei give us ! Its annoying for some people, especially for some character...(relax, no spoiler ^^) but it is also something that made PH story interesting !

Oh yeah and about PH anime, i'm glad that Yuki Kajiura made the soundtrack. It adding the atmosphere more...
Her soundtrack is touching and feel grand..and those nostalgic feeling..

Many things made me love PH, and soon Jun sensei is gonna finish this story. Thank you for this awesome series Jun Mochizuki sensei, your work inspire me so much ! I look forward to your next story ! And it would be wonderful if someday i can meet Jun sensei and Yuki sensei too...

So if you are also a PH fan dont hesitate to discuss or talk to me about your favorite character !