Friday, 25 April 2014

Cosplay Debut

Hi everyone~

Since i just start writing blog for my cosplay, let's begin with my debut cosplay ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I started cosplay since November 2011. My first character to cosplay is Miku Hatsune seifuku version. When i decided to join cosplay, i want to cos Alice baskerville very much >.< but i thought that her costume is quite complex and i didn't know yet how to get her shoes and i choose Miku for my debut because i think that her costume is simple.

And so i got the wig. I tried it immediately and i'm soooooo excited (*≧▽≦)
But i didn't know that wig is heavy, especially Miku's since she has 2 ponytails ovo;

Anyway, i go to the event, and change to my costume there with the help of my friends~
They helped me put on my wig, and i'm done. I'm Miku Hatsune now~!

But because i haven't had any experience, i am too shy to get out from the changing room and just sit there for 10 min >.<
Eventually, i get out from the changing room. Because Miku's hair is so bright, it attract attentions...

But i enjoyed my debut cosplay~ i felt different from my usual self and excited O(≧▽≦)O
I haven't wear any make up though, i just put some powder...

Ah, do you know that sometimes people mistook Miku with Usagi from Sailor Moon ? 
Well, they hair sure is similar though, both have twintails~ x3

And this is my first cosplay~! 
I didn't look like miku at all...and my wig is kinda too big for my head >.<
Well, sorry if you're disappointed, and that's for today~!

See ya later ! (`・ω・´)”
My debut cosplay in Nov 2011

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